It was not my dream to become a professional photographer, even a professional wedding photographer, ever before. Actually, I got to photography by a coincidence. Since then I was not able to tear photography away from me. Photography swallowed me by everything and today I could not imagine to live without photography. Find out more about how I started to shoot weddings and run my business at michaela kejdušová PHOTOGRAPHY


Everything started at Anglo-American University in 2009. I had a chance to take the class of documentary photography during the summer semester to get some more credits. Even though, I had no camera and I did not know what type of the camera my parents owned at that time, I enrolled the course. The initial enthusiasm did not decreased as it influenced me so much that I decided to study two-year course photography, guided by Jan Sucharda, at PHOTOGENIA Institut in Brno later on. I started to think to run my business as a professional photographer after my studies.  


Yes, there were several types of photography and I was not sure about my way at that time. Luckily, there were my friends who helped me to find the answer. They knew I was interested in photography and taking pictures. Thus, they started to ask me to take pictures of their weddings. Moreover, it was such a good opportunity to find out whether the wedding photography suits me. Although, facing some difficulties that belong to the wedding photography, I knew that capturing crying brides and grooms were amazing moments. It was not only about pressing the shutter release, it was much more.  

The beginnings of running my business as a professional wedding photographer were not easy but thanks to my boyfriend and family, that have supported me till today, I made everything easier. I was dreaming that photography would become my profession. To make such a decision was one of the best choices of my life. Today, I work as a professional wedding photographer in Prague and Brno.